Monday, 25 August 2014

Meal plan - the one week left ofthe school holidays edition

Its Monday again, we've got the kids back and our meal plan last week well , it may noy have been used much!

This meal plan is very meat orientated this week but we're kind of using stuff from the freezer!

Monday - Neb's homemade macaroni cheese

Tuesday -Steak and chips

Wednesday - flat chicken and salad or chips

Thursday -Fish and something!

Friday -Payday so possibly homemade pizza

Saturday - off to finish last to get school bits so will pop into Tesco's and get something yummy

Sunday - roast something


Monday, 18 August 2014

Meal planning Monday - the kids are away week

Hello, well its Monday again and I'm in work for a two day week this week as the kids are away up to their grandparents for a week.

So as we are kid free the meal plan would've gone out the window but I was very organised and did work out things we could eat!

So in no particular order the meals we have planned*  are

Oven baked Risotto
Cajun Turkey

* Although I have planned these we are very likely to have takeaway at least once and maybe toasties a few times when we both can't be bothered to cook!

We're also going off out for lunch at least once!

Hope you all have a fab meal plan made - joining in with Mrs M!


Monday, 11 August 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Boo, I'm back to work edition

Well that's it - our main holiday of the year has now gone and as I'm now back in work the meal planning continues.

We had a great time in Northumberland and enjoyed every part of the county - definately a place I could move to!

The meal plan is only half done as my brain wasn't up to the thinking last night on our lazy day at home before today so after Wednesday its a bit of hit and miss....

Monday - Spag Bol/ Chilli

Tuesday - Gougons/Fish Fingers and Chips

Wednesday - Butter Chicken curry - from a jar so fingers crossed the kids will eat it

Thursday - something with Fish (there's some in the freezer!)

Friday/Saturday/Sunday - undecided


Monday, 28 July 2014

Meal planning Monday -summer holiday edition

Its still warm here and also the first day of my holidays. The kids may have been off for a week already but now the fun begins as I'm off too. We may not do much this week apart from walking local walks and having free outdoor fun as we are off up North on Saturday for our annual holiday. We are going further north than we have gone before ( not Scotland ) and we are hoping that the warm weather stays with us.

Meal plan for this week is a bit of freezer search

Monday  Tuna pasta for the kids, I've got leftover sausage casserole to have on my pasta

Tuesday Chicken,rice and barbecue sauce ( 2 out of 3 from the freezer)

Wednesday Homemade beef and or  pork thai burgers with chips

Thursday Takeaway

Friday At Neb's parents and its going to be pasta and sauce with bacon crispy bits

Saturday .... let the holiday begin

Pop back in tomorrow so I can let you know about some great summery chocolates you can win


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mistaken words

So, just to put it all in context I wasn't there.

Neb passed on this funny story today and its a hoot so I thought I'd share (plus it will be a funny thing to remember when we're old and grey(er))

Bel is off on a school trip next week and due to the fact that she is like a beanpole we had to get new pyjamas, so off to Matalan we went. Pyjamas bought for both girls and we came home. Nothing more was said about until Car came down in her new pyjamas and bless her they were falling down.

So, Neb went with girls to change the size and  during the exchange he heard Car say

It's Iraq's fault

Turning round and looking at Car he told me that he had no idea what to say, she quite often hears things on the radio so he asked what has Iraq got to do with it.


PS she actually said.... it was the racks fault

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Meal Planning Tuesday - Pimms oclock!

(also known as the reason for not getting this up yesterday)

Last week we stuck quite well to the meal plan apart from Friday when the girls had flat chicken!!

This week's meal plan has been done at speed last night while cooking burgers!! I've also added prices for the products that I thought were good value on the meal plan

Monday - Burger in the bun and chips -(these ones from Lidl - good bargain I think)

(Lidl £3.49 for 8)

Tuesday - Fajitas using the kit brought from Morrisons 

(Morrisons £1.79 )

Wednesday - Sausages and Chips for the girls, Oven baked risotto for me and Neb

Thursday - Sausage Meatballs and Pasta (using leftover sausages from last night)

Friday - my last day in current job - may have to be takeaway tonight

Saturday - Lasagne

Sunday - Roast or Salad of some kind dependant on weather!

And no, I haven't been sponsored by Pimms but when its sunny and the tennis is on and there's an offer in Morrisons then you just have to.....

(Morrisons - currently £10)




Monday, 23 June 2014

Meal planning Monday -the salad edition

If it weren't for the fact that I put lots of unhealthy stuff on my salad it would be healthy... right?
Anyway this meal plan all depends on the weather. If it stays hot it will be cold meat and salad, with the odd pasta thrown in. Otherwise I have no idea and Plan B may be needed.

Monday -we had cold meat and salad and cheese and pickled onion and potato salad and bread

Tuesday -pasta for a change! 

Wednesday - jacket spud and salad

Thursday -um salad...

Friday - maybe some burgers or hot dogs with salad...