Tuesday, 24 August 2010

There are 123 days until Christmas....

Ha Ha , I know I am so funny aren't I - kids aren't back in school yet and here's me going on about Christmas.

Image: Clare Bloomfield / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Anyway before you leave, I'll explain why I thought I better let you know.

I have already bought a Christmas present for Bel.

Last year,as money was tight (and so it will be again), I started buying bits in October. And when I mean bits, they were meant to be stocking fillers but when it came to emptying my filing cabinet drawer (in work) and bringing them home, we realised that we had plenty to have as stocking fillers and as also extra presents. The girls were amazed at how many presents Santa had bought them and were bouncing for days.

So anyway, having less places to shop around town this year (recession has hit town centre hard) I have decided to start early and try and get a few things when I see them. Luckily for me, the Book Club people, come to us in the office and the first small present/stocking filler I have bought Bel is the following:

The Magical World of Milligan by Spike Milligan which contains funny poems and stories. As Bel's reading has improved dramatically her thirst for reading is getting stronger. She loves poems and will when reading them remember them and then recite them back at you!

Another good thing that has happened is that Car has understood that Christmas will be coming soon, and so know after looking at her favourite book (read Argos catalogue) she will sit there and say :" When I'm a big piggy and its Cissmass I want...." So far we seem to have a got many I wants sitting on the Cissmass list!!